Common Home Buying Mistakes

Ryan Platzke


I can’t stress enough how important it is that you have good solid representation when purchasing a home. Whether you are looking at an existing home or new construction the value we bring to the table at the end of the day always surpasses the perceived notion of saving money by not having representation. Let us use our resources and experience to gain you the upper hand so you can take advantage of the home buying process, and avoid these common mistakes.
  • Paying too much.
  • Assuming anything when it comes to this process.
  • Not having an inspection performed, or using an under-qualified inspector.
  • Trying to purchase a home without professional advice.
  • Assuming that since the required documentation has been given to the lender that loan processing can continue.
  • Anticipating interest rate movement.
  • Writing a contract before a professional loan qualification analysis.
  • Shopping for a loan exclusively by rates, ignoring other fees, references, reputation, and track record of the lender.
  • Contracting for more than the loan pre-qualification amount or for a payment that the buyers are not comfortable with.


We helps clients navigate the waters of homeownership, We offers an insider’s wisdom and insight, serving as wise counsel along the way.

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